What Are T5 LED Grow Lights All About?

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Last Updated on March 6, 2022

What exactly is the catch with T5 LED grow light? Is it necessary for you to switch to T5 LED grow lights? Let’s answer these questions and more in this post. T5 LED lights are another excellent type of fluorescent grow light that can be used to supply light to your indoor growing plants.

T5 fluorescent lights alone are a great choice for seeding, vegging, and cloning. Now when you make use of T5 LED grow lights, they tend to offer even better work. Everything the normal fluorescent does is what T5 LED grow light does but they do it in a better way. This means they offer the same out and spectra as well as flexibility.

Now, let’s delve in further and see what T5 LED grow light is all about and how it can benefit our indoor growing crops.

T5 LED Grow Lights: What Are They?

T5 LED grow lights are a type of fluorescent grow light that has LED lighting features. This grow light performs all that a normal fluorescent grow light will do but they do it in a better or more efficient way.

Another great catch is that T5 LED grow light makes use of lesser power or half the power. For this reason, they release lesser heat and offer better durability.

T5 LED Grow Lights - What Are They

Types Of T5 LED Grow Light

We have two types of T5 LED grow lights. They are:

  1. T5 equivalent LED light

This type of grow light can perfectly replace a T5 fluorescent light and they come with a fixture. Therefore, they can be used as a standalone light.

  1. T5 LED direct replacement tubes

These types of grow lights are light tubes. Hence, they need a fixture to work. However, they can still use any standard T5 fluorescent fixtures available to you. Therefore, you don’t need to purchase a new fixture if you already have one.

So, the advantage of using this tube is that you can use any fixture. However, to make it more efficient, just make use of LED tubes rather than fluorescent tubes.

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Why Use T5 LED Grow Lights?

You may often wonder if you should or should not switch to T5 grow lights. Well, the answer will generally depend on your plants’ basic needs. Both T5 grow light and T5 LED light featured grow lights are great to be used for indoor gardens.

So, we know that the normal T5 fluorescent lights are great to be used for indoor gardens. T5 LED grow lights however are better fixtures that can offer even better features.

T5 LED grow lights even make use of lesser power or half the power and this implies that they tend to emit minimal heat. So, even though T5 grow light costs a bit more, you can however recover the invested money quickly from the cost of saving power. They are also inclined to last longer.

This also means you won’t have to change bulbs too often than saving half of the electricity will help you save a lot of money.

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How Is T5 LED Grow Light Better Than The Standard Fluorescent Bulb

LED tubes offer 3 great benefits when we compare them to their fluorescent counterparts. Let’s look into them:

  1. Durability: T5 LED grow light tends to last longer. Hence, you get to save some money and it reduces the stress of replacing bulbs often.
  2. Half Power Usage: the fact that T5 LED grow lights only consume half power, again helps you save money.
  3. The Heat Emission is Minimal: the heat released by this grow light tends to be in a minimal form. However, there may be heat issues only if you are using a lot of this grow light.

There is however a few downsides to T5 LED grow light and this is their price. They tend to be at a higher price compared to the equivalent T5 tubes.

How Is T5 LED Grow Light Better Than The Standard Fluorescent Bulb

The good news is that you can quickly make back the cost this high cost because they consume lesser power which saves you electricity. It will also last you for a longer time. Therefore, the issue of changing bulbs frequently is reduced. You may not even need to get a new bulb for many years.

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Some Recommended T5 LED Grow Light

Here are some recommended T5 grow lights you can go for:

1.    Active grow T5 high output 4FT LED tubes

Active grow light active tubes are one of the most favored types of T5 LED grow light. They are so loved because they can work with the ballast with most features. This implies that you can replace the fluorescent bulbs with these bulbs. Other complete lightning on the other hand usually requires you to rewire the fixture to disconnect the ballast.

This grows light also has a high output with an excellent spectrum option that allows you to offer your plant exactly what it requires.

The downside to this grow light is that it isn’t compactable with all types of ballast.

2.    Barrina LED T5 integrated single fixture

This is a 4-foot Barinna integrated light bar that includes both the bulb and the fixture. No other thing is required once you have this light. Hence, this makes this type of grow light an easy way to add T5 LED to your grow light should in case you don’t already have a T6fixture.

The downside to using this grow light is that it lacks a reflector. This implies that light tends to spread out in a 270-degree angle.

3.    HTM lightening 4ft 24W T5 high output LED tube

This is a T5 LED grow light that is lesser in price compared to other types of T5 LED lights. It works well with any kind of T5 fluorescent fixtures.

The drawback is that this light isn’t designed specifically for plants. However, it works just like a fluorescent tube would work.


Now, we can see how T5 LED grow light benefits our indoor garden. T5 LED lights are excellent lights that can supply your indoor plant with the necessary light required for your plants to thrive and grow adequately.


Which is better LED or T5?

Although both LED lights and T5 are great lights, we can still say LED lights are a bit better than T5 in regards to efficiency.

Are T5 lights good for growing?

Yes T5 lights are good for growing.

What is a T5 LED grow light?

T5 LED grow light is a type of LED featured light that works just like a standard fluorescent light would, but T5 LED lights tend to perform better.

T5 led grow lights how far from young plants?

You can start with a hanging distance of about 5 to 10 inches. Then adjust the distance either away or towards them depending on how well your plant takes the grow light distance as they grow.

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