How Many T5 Lights Do I Need For Veg

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Last Updated on October 30, 2022

How many T5 lights do I need for veg is one question most growers ask themselves. Veg is the vegetative period in a plant’s growth and during this period, they require optimal light to flourish. If you’re making use of a T5 light, you may want to know how many light bulbs to use during the veg period.

It is important you supply the right light intensity for your plants’ veg stage so they can result in abundant yield. This is why we will be discussing how many T5 lights do I need for veg growth. So, continue reading to learn about this.

What Is Veg?

Typically, all types of plants go through the vegetative stage, and during this stage, they require more blue light. For this reason, a veg bulb or grow light must provide cool white lights that have more blue wavelength. So the color temperature value on the Kelvin scale should be around 6000K to 6500k.

Veg such as basil, lettuce, herbs, etc only goes through the vegetative period. However, some other plants transition to the flowering stage and eventually the fruiting stage. The fruiting stage usually requires the red color temperature with values of around 2700K to 3500K.

What Is Veg

T5 Veg Light

T5 is a tube-shaped fluorescent light that has a diameter of 5/8 inch. It is one of the best grow lights you can use on any type of plant especially the veg plant. This is because they will go easy on your plants at the same time providing good light for your plants’ growing needs.

Even though they are not as powerful or intense as other grow lights like LED, they are still very efficient. They are capable of carrying your plants where they need to go and offer even more benefits.

T5 lights are generally a great choice for veg plants. They are also known to emit very little heat. Thus, T5 for veg grow light can also be used on fragile plants like on seedlings and clones. T5 lights are also low power consuming and very efficient, thereby allowing you to save cost on the electricity bill.

How Many T5 Light Do I Need For Veg?

How many T5 lights you need for veg will depend on a few things. We have different varieties and sizes of light fixtures. T5 grow light generally comes in two various lengths and it will come in 6 or more bulb configurations.

The common lengths of T5 grow lights include 2 and 4 feet long. The bulb configurations also include 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, or 12 bulbs per fixture.

Sun Blaze HGC960320 T5 High Output Fluorescent 41-120 Volt

So, when we are talking about how many T5 lights are required for veg, we will be looking at the number of bulbs to use. If you wish to grow just a couple of plants, you can use 1 or 2 bulb set that has the height of 2 or 4 feet long.

However, if you’re growing a lot of plants, using a bulb set up of 8 or 12 bulbs with a height of 4 feet long is recommended. This implies, the bigger the size of your plant mass, the more bulbs you will require for your veg.

Also, you want to ensure color temperature for your bulb begins with a 6,500 Kelvin bulb for the vegetative stage growth.

There are now T5 grow lights that have multiple spectrums which are great for your plant growing needs. They will boost the quality of your T5 harvests and even offer more benefits.

Flowering With T5 Fluorescents

The next growth stage of a plant after veg is the flowering stage. Not all plants enter the flowering stage. But the ones that do, will require a specific light spectrum to transition into the flowering phase. If you don’t provide your indoor plants with a specific spectrum for their flowering stage, they may not transition into the flowering stage.

So, when using T5 fluorescent for your plant flowering stage, you will need to go with a 2700 Kelvin bulb. This will give you a white or yellowish spectrum light spectrum which will stimulate the growth of the flower.

Beforehand, most growers will need to switch to HID or intensify the 2700 Kelvin lights on their plants to transition to or complete the flowering stage. But now, things are different because growers now have the option of choosing a single grow light to complete both the veg and flowering growth stage of plants.

Manufacturers have now introduced different T5 that has different phosphorus coating that imitates certain wavelengths just like LED does! These special T5 fluorescent bulbs work just like LED does by providing wavelengths centered around 6400 (for veg) and 2700 (for flowering) Kelvin.

T5 Fluorescent Placement

T5 fluorescent grow lights are safe to be placed close to your plants because they are low heat emitting lights. You can position your T5 grow light around 1 to 12 inches depending on the light intensity your plant stage requires.

Anything above 12 inches is not recommended because the T5 grow light will begin to lose its intensity. As your plant matures, you can now move the T5 grow light closer for better light intensity.

You can as well use this fluorescent grow light for your fragile seedlings and clones. T5 grow light will go easy on your fragile seedlings and clones so they are safe for use. However, you should place them around 6 to 10 inches away from your tender plants. You can later increase the distance when they begin to mature.

T5 Fluorescent Placement


Can I use the T5 as a grow light? 

Yes, you can use the T5 tubes in your grow light. They work just fine.  They're very efficient and have some great benefits. The most obvious benefit is that they provide more consistent light output than an incandescent bulb or CFL. That means you don't have to pay attention to the light level all the time. It's also easier to adjust your light levels because you can adjust the amount of light you put out over a wider range. T5s are also pretty much guaranteed to last forever. A T5 will last 30 years or more if you take good care of them. 

How much area does a T5 cover?

The T5 covers a 2 feet by four feet area.

Are T5 lights full spectrum?

The T5 is a light with 5 LEDs in one, which means it's full spectrum. 

How many T5 grow lights do I need?

The number of T5 lights depends on your expected crop volume.
If you're planning on producing 100 lbs of tomatoes per square foot, then you need at least three T5s (one per each of the three rows). But if you're only going to be producing 50 lbs of tomatoes per square foot, then you need two T5s (one per each row).

How many watts is a T5 grow light?

The T5 is a very popular light. It’s one of the most common lights you’ll find in any cannabis grower’s shop. The reason for its popularity is because it gives you a lot of power, but it’s not too powerful. A lot of people buy the T5 and then they use it with their older HPS or CFL lamps.
It’s a good compromise between power and price. You can get an 18-watt T5 for around $60 on Amazon. A T5 is also used in many grow rooms that don’t have access to electricity. In this case, a T5 is mounted on a motorized ballast. When the ballast runs, the light turns on.

How long do T5 grow lights last?

There are several factors that can impact how long your T5 Grow Light will last. First, it depends on the quality of the bulb itself. If it's a cheap Chinese lightbulb that is known for having a short lifespan, then it may only last about 3 months to 6 months. However, if you get a good quality lightbulb, it should last much longer.
The second factor is the environment your bulbs are in. If they are exposed to dust, heat, and humidity, the lifespan will be reduced. The third factor is the power output of the bulb. Bulbs with higher wattages will typically last longer than those that have lower wattages. For example, an 800w lightbulb will last much longer than a 600w lightbulb. It's also important to note that many of the high-quality brands of T5 grow lights also come with a warranty. This means if your bulb breaks or malfunctions within the first year of purchase, you can simply return it and receive a replacement.

Final Say On How Many T5 Lights Do I Need For Veg

How many T5 lights you will need for the veg stage will largely depend on the size of your plant. We hope the information we have listed above will guide you on how to use the right number of T5 bulbs for your plants to flourish.

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