Aloe Vera Plant Gets Too Much Sun!

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Last Updated on September 5, 2022

If your Aloe Vera plant gets too much sun, it can die. While these house-friendly succulents are easy to care for, you need to keep a few things in mind if you want yours to thrive. 

Succulents are mainly easy to maintain, but Aloe Veras has some specifications. Many owners lack the knowledge they need to care for these specific plants. This is typically when their plants get damaged. Knowing your Aloe Vera’s sun needs will help you better care for them and place them in a spot that helps them stay healthy and growing.

In this article, I share how much sun an Aloe Vera needs, what happens when your plant is exposed to too much sun, and help you heal your Aloe Vera from sunburn.

Aloe Vera Sunlight Needs

Aloe Vera Plant Gets Too Much Sun – The best place to grow your Aloe Vera is in the window, where sunlight access is easy but not overwhelming. 

These succulents require a minimum of six hours of sunlight daily. They can tolerate bright light but prefer shady areas in warm locations. If you experience a hot week or live in an area known for its scorching summers, you’ll have to water your Aloe Vera more frequently. 

Aloe Veras are pretty hard to kill, but exposing them to too much sunlight could cause them to turn brown and eventually die. Keeping your Aloe Vera inside on a windowsill instead of outside will significantly decrease its risk of sunburn. 

What Happens When An Aloe Vera Plant Gets Too Much Sun

If your Aloe Vera gets too much sun, it will literally dry out. The leaves lose their moisture and turn yellow and brown. Their structure will start to fail, and your Aloe will drop dead if you don’t prevent further damage. 

Keep in mind that too much shade and overwatering can also cause issues. Succulents need significantly less water than your average houseplant – no more than once or maybe twice a week. Your Aloe’s soil should be moist but never dry or wet. 

Aloe Veras are usually not that hard to care for. If they’re not too warm or cold, you should have a thriving plant!

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How Do Aloe Veras Recover From Sunburn – Aloe Vera Plant Gets Too Much Sun

If your Aloe Vera gets sunburned and seems to be drying out, there are still ways to revive your plant. 

Start by cutting off dried and dying leaves, if there are any. This will help healthy leaves get enough nutrients. You can also cut healthy leaves from a plant beyond saving to start new ones.

Next, identify the primary cause of your Aloe Vera’s problem. Look at their sun-to-water ratio and whether they’re getting too much or little of these. You might need to move your plants to a better spot or start watering them more.   

Things like root rot and ground fungus can be a health risk too. These typically happen when your succulents aren’t getting enough water or too little sun. 

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Aloe Vera Plant Gets Too Much Sun

What Are The Signs Of A Healthy Aloe Vera?

Healthy Aloe Vera plants have tan and white roots. If your plant’s roots are brown or black and crumbly, you might be facing root rot issues. 

Leaves should be thick and green with a crunchy sound when you cut a piece for use. 

Unhealthy Aloe Vera’s lose their vibrant green appearance. If you notice your plant changes color, you might be neglecting them a bit. 

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The Benefits Of Healthy Aloe Vera Succulents

Aloe Veras are capable of wonderful things, and if you take proper care of your plants, you’ll experience these benefits. 

Adapting Aloe Vera into your life is a good choice and will help in small ways that will become significant in the long run.

  • The plant has antioxidant and antibacterial properties to keep your entire family healthy!
  • Aloe Veras can speed up the healing of wounds, and it’s claimed that these plant saps can reduce the appearance of scars. 
  • Aloe Vera juice can ease constipation and lower blood sugar levels.
  • Regularly using the plant sap can improve your skin condition and prevent wrinkles.
  • These succulents can even reduce dental plaque. 

If you have the basic knowledge and means to properly care for your Aloe Vera plant, you will reap the endless benefits in no time!

The Benefits Of Healthy Aloe Vera Succulents

In Summary, Aloe Vera Plant Gets Too Much Sun

Aloe Veras are easy to care for if you know what they need. These succulents make excellent indoor and outdoor plants. They add vibrant greenery to any area by sitting in pots or hanging in containers. 

You can have hundreds of Aloe plants by taking proper care of one. If you make a cutting from a healthy Aloe, you can regrow them in different pots for more succulents! Aloe Veras grow fast under the right conditions and need little maintenance if you got their sun and watering needs down.

I hope you enjoyed this article and that you found it helpful. If you have more questions about Aloe Veras and their health, ask them in the comments!


Can Aloe recover from too much sun?

If your Aloe's sunburn isn't too severe, they can recover with a shadier spot and water. You can also add a nutrient booster to speed up recovery.

How do you revive a sunburned Aloe plant?

To revive your sunburnt Aloe plant, start by cutting off any dead leaves. Next, place it in a spot that receives indirect sunlight and give it water. Keep an eye on your Aloe to ensure it gets enough sun and water.

Can Aloe Vera survive in direct sunlight?

Aloe Veras need about 6 hours of direct sunlight daily. Try to place your plant in a brightly lit room, windowsill, or garden area that gets enough sun and shade per day.

Can I put my Aloe plant outside in the summer?

An Aloe plant can survive outdoors. Find a spot that gets some shade, and ensure you water your succulent enough.

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