My Cypress Tree Is Turning Brown: Here’s What to Do!

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Last Updated on September 6, 2022

My Cypress Tree Is Turning Brown! If your cypress tree is turning brown and you have no idea why? Come closer. Here are the reasons and solutions!

Cyprus trees are hardy, and most gardeners find them pretty easy to grow and maintain. It’s rare to run into problems! These giant trees can live for hundreds of years if you properly care for them. Whether you want a countryside aesthetic or modern landscape designs, cypress trees will look great!

There are many subspecies to choose from, and each has its own care instructions. Some cypress trees grow tall and skinny, while others turn into shrubs. How you care for your tree will influence its health, appearance, and longevity.

In this article, I explain why cypress trees turn brown, what you can do if this happens to your tree, and share tips for growing a healthy cypress tree that will outlive you!

Reasons Why My Cypress Tree Is Turning Brown


Cypress trees turn brown due to environmental issues and pests. 

Temperature Issues

Your cypress tree can turn brown if it’s too hot or cold. Temperatures that aren’t ideal will result in stress. 

Distress can lead to browning needles.

Insufficient Iron

Cypress trees need iron for healthy growth. If you plant your trees in soil with insufficient iron, your cypress trees will likely turn brown.


Too little water can cause your cypress tree to become chlorotic. When this happens, your tree leaves will become wrinkled and brown.

Cypress Carpet Moth – My Cypress Tree Is Turning Brown

Carpet moth larvae feed on cypress tree leaves. You probably have an infestation if you see tiny eggs all over your tree. Once these eggs develop into worms, they’ll gnaw little holes and tear into your cypress tree leaves. 

If you don’t get this under control, your tree leaves will turn brown.

Spider Mites

Another insect infestation to look out for is spider mites. They love sap and will punch a few holes through your cypress tree to reach it!

If these mites drain the nutrients from your tree, it’ll get weak. A sign of nutrient deficiency includes discolored leaves. 

My Cypress Tree Is Turning Brown: What to Do

There are a few ways to get your cypress tree back to a healthy condition after its leaves turn brown! Try these solutions for each problem:

Temperature Issues: You can’t control the weather, but there are ways to minimize its effect on your cypress tree. Cover your tree in a frost cloth when the cold nears and give it extra water on sunny days.

Iron Deficiency: You can add iron to the soil around your cypress tree or inject it with iron sulfate for a mineral boost!

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Chlorosis: If your cypress tree is dehydrated, you’ll need to frequently water it for a few days. 

Infestations:Using an insecticide will get rid of almost any infestation. You can also prune infected branches, spray your tree to wash insects and larvae off, or spot-treat your tree with soap.

It takes time for cypress trees to heal, so be patient! You’ll see improvement within a few weeks if you stay consistent in treating the problem.

Tips To Keep Your Cypress Tree From Turning Brown

Prevention is always better than running around to find a solution. Keep your cypress tree maintained from the start to minimize health problems. 

Ensure Enough Sunlight

Cypress trees like full sun, and you should ensure yours get at least 6 hours of direct sunlight daily. Cover your cypress tree in frost cloth when the winter approaches to keep it warm. 

Know Your Tree’s Watering Needs – My Cypress Tree Is Turning Brown

You should water your young cypress tree frequently to help them establish roots. Once your tree is mature, you should only water them during dry spells. 

If you’re experiencing a scorching day, you should also give your tree extra water regardless of its age. 

Too much water can lead to root rot. 

Keep An Eye Out For Pests

Always keep an eye out for infestations. The sooner you spot pests, the easier it is to eliminate them.

Pests that infest cypress trees include spider mites, cypress aphids, cypress weevils, carpet moths, and conifer aphids. 

Prune Your Tree

It isn’t necessary to prune your cypress tree every month, but an occasional trim will keep it healthy. You should use sharp shears and keep your tree at your desired height. Only remove dead branches that can attract infestations. 

Reasons Why My Cypress Tree Is Turning Brown

To Sum It Up, My Cypress Tree Is Turning Brown

Cypress trees aren’t hard to take care of, and if you have the basics of soil and water down, you’ll only have to check on your trees every now and then. These low-maintenance trees grow fast and are evergreen, making them the perfect choice for a natural fence. You can choose between different subspecies of this plant to find the best for your hardiness zone.

If you notice any health issues, you should address them immediately. Most problems are reversible if you catch them before they spread throughout your tree. 

I hope this article was helpful and that you enjoyed it. If you have more questions about cypress trees or any advice to add, pop it in the comments!


Why do cypress trees turn brown?

There are many reasons why cypress trees turn brown. These include dehydration, infestations, poor soil health, and undesired temperatures.

How do you know if a cypress tree is dying?

A dying cypress tree will have brown leaves. These will also fall off when your tree is supposed to be in its prime.

How often do you water a cypress tree?

You should water your young cypress tree every other day to help it establish a strong root system. As your tree matures, it will survive longer without water. Mature trees only need occasional water, but if you experience extreme heat, you should water more frequently.

What is killing my cypress trees?

A bug infestation, unhealthy soil, lack of minerals, dehydration, and cold temperatures can make your cypress tree ill and cause it to die.

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