An In-depth Look Into Jade Plant Meaning

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Last Updated on July 4, 2022

The fabulous and low-maintenance jade plant is a pleasant plant to have. It should interest you to know that there are rich meanings and symbols to this lovely plant. Jade plant meaning explains why the plant is often gifted to our loved ones.

Once you know the significance and symbol of this plant, you may be intrigued by the plant. So, you should learn more about jade plant meaning as well as its benefits. Not only will jade plant beautify your home, but it can also usher in some good vibes.

Now let’s delve in and discuss the meaning and symbol of jade plants in various cultures and philosophies around the world.

Jade Plant Meaning

Jade plant meaning is something any plant lover should be aware of. This plant is often referred to as a prosperity plant in various belief systems.

Jade plant is a type of succulent that is believed to represent wealth, success, and good luck. For this reason, jade plant is usually known to be the “money plant” or “money tree.” Another meaning of the jade plant is renewal, permanence, and growth.

Jade Plant Meaning

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Association Of Jade Plant With Money

Jade plant is often referred to as the money plant or money tree. There is this ancient spiritual practice from China, Feng Shui that is believed to attract the flow of money. In this practice, the plant is associated with good fortune, success, and financial wealth.

If you ventured into a new business, having a jade plant means you’re ushering in good luck to your business.

You should however take note that there are other plants that have this same nickname “money plant.” For instance, the Pachira Aquatica and Pilea peperomoides are also regarded as the money plant. However, these plants aren’t succulents.

Jade Plant’s Association With Friendship

Jade plant meaning is numerous and one of their many names is the “friendship tree.” So, the flowering jade plants are traditionally given as gifts.

Take note that the flower of jade requires certain conditions to flower successfully. Therefore, when you put in extra effort to nurture jade plant like this, it requires good dedication. So, when you gift this plant you’ve nurtured with a close dedication to a friend, it signifies how dedicated you are to the friendship. The foliage of stands for the energy and joy you have as friends.

Then the scent of this white flower seen on jade plant represents a fragrance of a strong friendship bond.

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What Does Gifting Jade Plants To Loved Ones Represent?

Because this plant signifies some good things, it can be gifted to our loved ones in different ways.

  • You can gift jade plant as a housewarming gift. So, if you have any family or friend that is moving into a new house, simply gift them a jade plant. it can signify prosperity and friendship amongst others.
  • Jade plant can also stand well in an office setting, restaurant, and the like. So, if your loved one just opened or started a new business, you can give jade plants to them just to wish them good fortune, success, and prosperity.

More Symbolic Meaning Of Jade Plant

Here is more meaning to jade plant:

  • When jade plant is positioned by the door of your home, office, or restaurant, it invites prosperity and good fortune.
  • When you position jade plant in the east location of your home, it ushers in harmony and good health.
  • Then placing jade plant in the southeast of your home can bring luck of wealth.
  • The Northwest positions are for the luck of mentors and teachers.
  • Those that believe in Feng Shui should avoid placing their jade plant in the bathrooms or bedrooms. This is because the flushing water is believed to have the power of flushing the positive energy away from the plant.

Furthermore, let’s look at some folklore, myths, as well as symbolism associated with jade plants.

  • Apart from the Feng Shui belief associated with jade plant, the Chinese now use jade plant to cultivate good fortune and prosperity for the year ahead. For instance, some people can put their investment documents underneath their jade plant just to wish for a higher payoff.
  • Another culture associated with jade plant is to tie small red envelopes that have coins or money inside onto the jade plant using a red ribbon. They refer to these envelopes as “lai see” and they are means to seeking for good luck. This significant practice started in China during the Han Dynasty and since then, it has spread to other cultures in Asia.
  • Another traditional practice associated with jade plants is that they serve as fantastic gifts for new business owners. So, these kinds of gifts are given just to bless the business with success as well as good fortune.
  • Jade plant also serves as traditional housewarming or birthday gifts.

Benefits Of Jade Plant

Jade plant is believed to have both medicinal and non-medicinal uses and some of them include:

  • Jade plant can aid in enhancing air quality by getting rid of toluene and acetone.
  • Some African tribes and Chinese cultures make use of jade plant extract to treat wounds, stomach upset, diabetes, and warts. This extract is made with tea gotten from the leaves.
  • Because this plant is an evergreen plant, it symbolizes good luck and consistency.

Jade Plant Meaning – Final Word

Jade plants are amazing plant that is easy to care for and can enhance the look of any space with its beauty. Jade plant meaning is pretty interesting and they also symbolize some things that have been discussed here.


Why is the jade plant called the money tree?

Jade plant is referred to as the money plant because it is used in the practice of Feng Shui to attract the flow of money. It is believed that the jade plant is associated with financial wealth, good fortune, and success.

What are the benefits of a jade plant?

Jade plant has different benefits that include purifying or enhancing the quality of air, assimilating carbon dioxide at night, elevating humidity level, has medicinal properties, and so on.

What does a jade plant symbolize?

Jade plant symbolizes good luck charm in Asia and it is believed to activate financial energies. Furthermore, the plant symbolizes prosperity and wealth.

Which type of jade plant is lucky?

Crassula ovate which is also known as jade plant is known to be a lucky plant. The plant is thought to have protective lucky charm energy.

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