A Guide On Shangri La Plant Care

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Last Updated on July 16, 2022

Are you interested in the Shangri la plant care so you can tend this plant the way it needs to be attended to?  We will look at all this in this article.

What Is A Shangri La Plant?

Shangri la plant (Salvia divinorum) is one of the most interesting and important plants to have in your garden. It is a small tree, with flowers that look like blue butterflies. It is known to be an entheogenic herb, that is, it has properties to alter consciousness.

It is an evergreen shrub. It has small, bright blue flowers that are beautiful. They look like butterflies. It is a small tree with short, strong stems that can grow up to 6 feet tall. It has a unique, slightly fragrant smell that is very pleasant. The plant can grow up to 6 feet tall with a spread of about 2 to 4 feet. The best thing about this plant is that it does not require a lot of maintenance.

Shangri La Plant Care

You do not have to water it for a long period of time. It does not need a lot of light. You can take care of it as you would your regular garden. Shangri la plant needs to be cared for. We will go through the various aspects of Shangri la plant care so you can have a beautiful and healthy plant in your garden.


If you want to propagate the plant, you can use cuttings. You can take the leaves of the plant, remove the lower part of the stem, and then you can root it in a pot. You can do this in a warm area, but make sure it is not too humid. You can also plant it in the normal garden soil.

You can also grow Shangri la plant from seeds. You can even propagate it using cuttings. You can get the seeds online or you can even get them from a local nursery. They are small, so you can plant them in a small pot. You can give the plant sun, light, and water. You can use a fertilizer for the plant to keep it healthy.

Planting – Shangri La Plant Care

If you are planting the Shangri la plant, make sure you choose the right location. It should not be too far from the other plants in the garden. Make sure the soil is fertile and healthy. It should not be very moist or dry. Choose a spot that is shady or shady. It is important that you make sure it has enough space to grow. You can add compost to your soil and this will increase its growth. You can water it regularly.

Pests Management

There are no pests that affect Shangri la plant. You can protect it by covering it with plastic or you can keep it inside the house.

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It does not like to be in direct sunlight. If you want to grow this plant outdoors, then keep it away from direct sunlight. The plants will look better if they are kept in the shade. They do not like to be exposed to direct sunlight.


It needs a temperature between 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature is higher, then the leaves will get damaged. When the temperature is lower, the leaves will get injured.

Humidity – Shangri La Plant Care

If the humidity level is high, then the leaves will get damaged. When the humidity level is low, the leaves will dry up. Water: It needs regular watering. You can water it once in a week. The leaves will be damaged if you water it daily.


Make sure that you do not water it too much. You should water it when it is dry. Don’t let it get dry. This is one of the best ways to keep your plants healthy.


It is recommended that you use peat moss for the soil. It is a natural organic material. You can buy this from the garden shop. You can also make your own soil mix.

This is one of the most popular indoor plants. You can grow it in an indoor container or you can even grow it outdoors. It needs to be kept away from direct sunlight and cold. You can place it in a room that is cool or you can put it in the basement. Make sure the humidity level is low. You can water it regularly.

Shangri La Plant Care

In Conclusion

The Shangri la plant care is easy compared to other houseplants.  it is an easy-to-maintain plant that you can grow in most regions and it turns out just right. It is not difficult to maintain.  You do not have to add any extra water and it is not a hardy plant.  It will only survive in regions where it’s native.


How do you grow a philodendron Shangri La?

Philodendrons are easy to grow from seed. In the wild, philodendrons can grow up to 50 feet tall, so we are not talking about small plants here. You can expect your plant to grow to about 10-15 inches in height and about 3-4 inches in width when grown indoors. Growing philodendrons from seed require you to start with healthy seeds.

Can you propagate a Shangri La, philodendron?

Yes! If you want to propagate a philodendron Shangri La, all you have to do is cut it back by one-third and wait for new growth. Be careful not to cut the stem too close to the leaves. The plant will send out roots, and you will get a new plant.

Do philodendrons need sunlight?

Yes, they love sunshine. You can provide your philodendron with indirect light or direct sunlight. In fact, the better the light that the plant receives, the bigger the plant will grow.

How do you keep a philodendron healthy?

Keep the soil damp and evenly moist. If your philodendron has its own natural water reservoir, then you do not have to worry about watering. If you do want to water your philodendron, be sure to use a spray bottle or drip tray. This is the best way to ensure that your plant receives the proper amount of water. If you live in a warm climate, you may want to use a heat mat on top of your plant to help it stay warm.

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