Can You Compost Chicken Bones And Turn Them Into Manure?

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‘Can you compost chicken bones’ is one of the frequently asked questions by organic farmers who do not want to waste any material.

Organic farming means using all the waste around the home to make compost manure. All waste is good but some cannot turn into compost manure.

Can You Compost Chicken Bones?

Yes, it is possible to compost chicken bones. Though it takes more work to compost them than the normal waste material, it is possible.

Chicken bones need more time to break down so do not compost them in haste. You may burn them first to quicken the process of breaking down. So it can work together with the rest of the organic materials you decompose together.

Can you Compost Chicken Bones

How Do You Compost Chicken Bones?

Do not add chicken bones to the normal compost pile for your fruit and vegetable waste. The bones should go into food waste collection bins instead. This is because the bones get composted differently from the rest of the food matter.

Do not put the chicken bones in the green bin either. Dairy, meat, and bones should not go into the green bin.

The best compost to use for bones is hot compost. Hot composting means putting all the organic matter you need into a heap or a compost bin then add some heat to quicken the process. The heat acts as a catalyst which quickens the cooking process.

The best way to compost chicken bones is to chop them off into smaller pieces of about 4 cm with secateurs. Carefully break the shells or bone joints into fragments with a hammer. Do not compost any large pieces of bones.

Chicken bones are generally good for plant growth. They supply the plants with organic phosphorous nitrogen nutrients.

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Step By Step Process Of Composting Chicken Bones Fast

  • Assemble all the chicken bones you have stored in your freezer and allow them to defrost. Lay them out under the sun to defrost properly.
  • Put them in a container that can be used to burn them, most probably an old cast iron grill.
  • Add a layer of wood shavings, papers, or cardboards to act as a fire-starter. Add well-dried wood depending on the number of bones you are burning.
  • Place your chicken bones on top of the wood.
  • Allow the bones to burn till they look charred. Let them cool for a while and crush them into smaller chunks with your hands or use a hammer to do so.
  • You can then dispose of the bones into the compost bin where they’ll decompose.
Step by Step Process of Composting Chicken Bones fast

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By now your question ‘can you compost chicken bones’ is answered in-depth. Why not try the procedure and tell us how it worked for you? If you also try another method to decompose the bones, let us know so we can try it out too.