Can You Grow Carrots In A Pot?

Last Updated on March 30, 2022

Can you grow carrots in a pot? The answer is yes, you can definitely grow carrots in a pot or container. Carrot, Daucus carota subsp. Sativus, is a root vegetable that can be easily grown in containers, planters, and window boxes.

You don’t even need to be a well-experienced vegetable gardener to be able to grow carrots in containers. Also, an outdoor garden is not necessarily needed for growing carrots. You can even grow multiple carrots in a pot. This is a possible means of utilizing little space to get a great yield.

You can also start small by planting just a few crops and then later succession sow pots of carrots to enjoy a steady harvest starting from early summer all through fall. So let’s go further into how you can grow carrots in a pot.

The Reason Why You Should Grow Carrots In A Pot

Growing carrots in pots can pose to be a fantastic idea for a couple of reasons. One is, you can have the right growing medium you desire when you plant in containers. This is because there will be no cause to be bothered about having to plant in rocky, infertile, or weedy soil.

The roots of the carrots will grow straight and fork-free as the soil you will be growing them in is the stone-free type. You can choose a location with limited space and sunlight to grow your carrots.

Another good thing is that a pot can contain up to multiple carrots as they are slender plants.

The Reason Why You Should Grow Carrots In A Pot

You can have up to 24 to 36 carrots, depending on the variety, in a 10 gallon grow bag which is 16 inches across. Growing carrots in containers also have the advantage of no critter issues like deer and rabbits or pests like slugs.

And since you’re growing them in pots, you can have them close to your home which makes it easy for easy monitoring.

Kids can also have fun with growing carrots in pots as a DIY. This is because it’s a type of crop that is easy to plant and grow. The kids will become so attached to the pots, thereby nurturing them and then harvesting the roots eventually. This way, the kids will feel proud of themselves when they eat the carrots they’ve grown by themselves.

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Growing Carrots In Pot

First, choose a variety with short roots and not long carrots. Go ahead and choose a container that is deep enough to accommodate the root of the variety you’ve chosen.

However, there are carrot varieties with root lengths of two inches to over a foot.

You can grow these types of carrots in a pot. Hence, be sure the root of the variety you’re choosing will fit into your pot. It is advisable to choose large pots or planters though.

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Can You Grow Carrots In A Pot

This way, a larger volume of soil, as well as the length of carrot roots, will be well contained in large pots.

Another thing is that, when the pot is large and has a larger volume of soil, you won’t have to worry about water drying out fast.

The care and maintenance of your planted carrots can also be determined by the type of container you’ve chosen. Clay pots, which are made from porous materials, are high water-absorbent that need to be watered much more. This is unlike other fiberglass, plastic, or metal pots.

You can use Ten-gallon fabric bags or smart pot long beds. You can also choose other types of fabric containers. Plastic buckets of about five gallons can also be used to grow vegetables.

So, start by cleaning your pots thoroughly and also endeavor there are drainage holes on the bottom. Add drainage holes if there is none by using a drill.

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Sowing Carrots – Can You Grow Carrots In A Pot

Fill the container with the growing medium. Wet it and mix thoroughly till the potting mix is equally moist. Plant your seeds about a quarter-inch deep and give space of half-inch in between the seeds.

Don’t plant them in rows, rather, plant them in the form of a grid. This way, you will be able to cover the whole container. For an easy way of planting, choose to use a strip of seed tape or pelleted seeds. This is because the seeds are so small.

Sowing Carrots

After planting go ahead and give your seeds nice water spraying with the use of a hose nozzle or a watering. Don’t use the method of watering hard with gushing pressure to avoid spilling out the seeds from the soil.

The container should be placed in a spot where it can get at least six to eight hours of sunlight, just like the carrots grown in the garden.

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Tips On How To Grow Carrots In Containers

There are certain procedures you should follow after you’ve noticed your seeds have begun to sprout and the plants are growing so well. These procedures will help you get a bountiful harvest from the carrots you can grow in a pot.

  1. The soil must be a bit moist and not wet. Carrots won’t do well in soil that is damp. So, ensure moisture is maintained by not over-wetting your plants. Before wetting, check if the soil is dry, like an inch down, by sticking your finger in the soil. This will enhance the root’s healthy development. Hence, do check for soil dryness daily.
  2. Begin to thin the seedlings when they have grown up to three inches. The thinning should be about two to three inches from each of the seedlings. Cut the unwanted seedlings off from the bottom with garden snips. You shouldn’t pull them out like the roots of some of the seedlings may be interwoven and as a result, damaging the other seedlings.
  3. Add liquid organic vegetable fertilizer or compost tea to the container every four weeks for healthy growth of the plants. Don’t use fertilizers with high nitrogen that can enhance the growth of the upper part of the plants but with smaller roots instead.
  4. If you notice that the upper part of your plant roots is bulging out from the soil, add more potting mix to cover them. The root’s top can become green and then bitter tasting if the direct sunlight is on them.

Conclusion – Can You Grow Carrots In A Pot?

You can grow multiple carrots in a pot successfully if you follow the aforementioned procedures in this article. This method of growing vegetables will definitely help you in making the best use of your limited garden or patio space by planting as many vegetables as you want.


How many carrots can you grow in a pot?

You can grow multiple carrots in a pot or container. This is thanks to the slender carrot plant. For a 10 gallon grow bag that is about 16 inches wide, this size of the container can hold 24 to 36 carrots and this will depend on the variety.

How deep should a pot be for carrots?

To grow carrots ideally in containers, the pot or container should be around 2 to 14 inches deep. This will help accommodate their developing roots.

How long do carrots take to grow in containers?

If you’re growing carrot in a container or pot, the duration for it to grow can take around 75 days. However, it can vary slightly depending on the type of carrot variety.