Carrot Seed Germination Time

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Last Updated on October 28, 2022

Carrots are one of the most popular vegetables to grow among gardeners of all experience levels. Not only are they packed full of beneficial nutrients, but they also taste great in many different dishes. If you are planning to grow them in your garden, you will want to know carrot seed germination time.

In order for a successful harvest, it is important to know how correctly grow carrots. It is important that you have the right conditions in order to let them grow. You want to take careful consideration when growing any vegetable.

Planting Carrots From Seed

Once you get the hang of it, carrots are a relatively easy plant to grow. They are biennials, meaning they use the energy they get from the sun to build up big, starchy roots during the winter.

Carrot seeds do best when they are planted in loose, sandy soil. It is best to plant them in the cooler seasons of the growing season, whether spring or fall. Depending on the variety, they take anywhere from two to four months to grow.

Before planting your garden, till your soil is at least 12 inches down, make sure there are no rocks or clumps of soil that could impede on growth. Opt to use coffee grounds as a fertilizer instead of nitrogen-rich manure or fertilizer, as they will cause carrots to fork as they grow.

In some cases, your best option may be to plant carrots in a raised garden bed. This is a good choice if you have soil that is rocky or heavy clay.

Carrots do best when planted in full sunlight. However, if need be, they will likely do alright in partial sun. When planting your seeds, sow them 1/4 inch deep, 2-3 inches apart in rows that are one foot apart.

Keep the soil moist by frequently watering your carrots. They can be harvested as immature as baby roots, where they will be sweeter and crunchier. You can also let your carrots grow to be several inches long. Generally, you want them to be bright orange in color and at least 1/2 inch wide.

How Long Do Carrots Take To Germinate?

In general, carrots will take six to 10 days to germinate if given optimal conditions. However, it may take two to three weeks for them to germinate. Though uncommon, there is the chance that it can take up to seven weeks for the process to happen.

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Ideal Conditions f¡For Germination: How Long For Carrots To Sprout?

For ideal carrot germination, you will need proper soil temperature, air circulation, and humidity. For best results, the soil should be somewhere from 65-85 degrees Fahrenheit. A humidity dome can also help speed up the process.

The soil should be kept wet, but not soggy. There should be proper aeration in the soil, which you can achieve by tilling. It is best to use new, fresh seeds as older seeds will take longer to germinate.

The colder your soil is, the longer it will likely take to germinate. When the temperature is in the 50s, you can likely expect the seeds to take 10 to 17 days to germinate. If the weather is in the 40s or below, it can take up to seven weeks to germinate, if it does at all.

Not only will germination take less time when it is between 65-85 degrees Fahrenheit, but there will also be a much higher germination rate. Generally, the best time to plant carrot seeds is in spring, though you can also plant them in the fall as well.

Ideal Conditions for Germination: How Long for Carrots to Sprout

Germinating Carrots With A Paper Towel

If need be, you can germinate your carrot seeds in a paper towel. First, spray a paper towel so it is damp but not soaking wet. Place your carrot seeds spaced apart so they are not touching and then place the paper towel in a plastic bag to trap in the moisture.

To help the process, place the seeds somewhere warm. Once they are germinated, you can carefully place them in your gardens. Though this is not the ideal way to germinate your seeds, it will generally work.

How Much Should You Water Carrots?

In general, carrots will need one inch of water a week. You should keep the soil damp, but it should not be soaked. You don’t want the soil to get hard on top.

If carrots get too much water they can end up forming weird shapes and having a bitter taste. Too little water and they will likely not grow. In warmer weather, you will need to water your garden more often to ensure they will grow.

How Much Should You Water Carrots

Be sure to also regularly weed your carrot garden, though be careful to not accidentally uproot your carrot plants. You don’t want any weeds or plants blocking the sunlight from your carrot plants. In order to strive, your carrots will need plenty of sunlight.


How do you germinate carrot seeds fast?

This is the way I have found to be the quickest and easiest to germinate them. Put about 2 cups of fine sand in a large glass jar or bowl. Fill it with water until it's almost full. Remove the dirt from your seeds by removing the paper coat from the seeds. Add your seeds to the jar or bowl and gently mix in the sand, covering all of the seeds.

If you don't get every seed covered, don't worry, just add more sand. Leave your seeds for 2-3 days. After that, they should be ready to be planted. The process is very easy and can be done in less than 30 minutes. When planting, fill a small container with water and place the seeds in the water. They should float for a while, but not for long. After 5 minutes, remove the seeds from the water and carefully drain the excess water. Then, place your seeds on a piece of paper towel and allow them to dry. Planting them directly into soil may take too much time. This method works best if you are using a large container or jar as your planting pot.

How do I know they have germinated?

It's easy to tell when your seeds have germinated. The first sign will be a tiny sprout starting to emerge from the seed. When it's done growing, the sprout will start to elongate and become a seedling.

How long does it take to grow a carrot from a seed?

It depends on the seed, soil, weather and other factors. The general rule is that it takes at least two months for a carrot seed to germinate and grow into a carrot plant, but it could take as little as a month. If you are starting from seed indoors, it could be as long as 6-8 weeks depending on the conditions.

What’s a good way to prepare the soil?

I would use a 1/2" potting mix. 1/2 of the pot should be filled with potting mix, and the other 1/2 should be filled with peat moss. When planting the seeds, make sure they are evenly distributed in the pot, and then water them well. I usually put the pots in a sunny window for about a week, and then move them to a window that is slightly shaded.

Why won’t my carrot seeds germinate?

When you plant seeds, the seed should be fully covered with soil. If you look at the bottom of a packet of carrot seeds, you should see the root vegetable clearly. You should also see that the seed is fully planted.

If you don't see anything, then you need to check the following:

1. Have you watered it enough?

2. Is the seed moist?

3. Did you plant the seed deep enough in the soil?

1. Was the soil damp or dry when you planted the seed?

2. Did you plant the seed on the right day?

3. Is there sufficient water?

4. Was the seed in a sunny place?

5. Did you put the seed on the right kind of soil?

6. Is the soil loose?

7. Are you sure you have the right seeds?

8. Has the seed been treated with fertilizer?

Carrot Seed Germination Time: Know Before You Grow

In general, you can expect your carrots to germinate within six to 10 days. However, it is not uncommon for them to take two to three weeks for germination to happen. In some cases, they may take up to seven weeks to complete the process.

For the quickest germination time, plant new, healthy carrot seeds in spring. Plant them in soil that is well aerated, with loose, sandy soil being the best option. Make sure to keep the soil wet but not soaked and that they are receiving plenty of sunlight.

The ideal temperature for germination is between 65-85 degrees. Carrots will also be able to germinate when temperatures are in the 50s. In some cases, they may also germinate in the 40s, but that will not always happen.

You can also germinate them in damp paper towels that are placed in a plastic bag in a warm environment. Though this may not work as well as planting the seeds in the soil, it is still a reliable option overall.

Do you have any questions regarding carrot seed germination time? If so, please ask your germination questions or any questions regarding growing carrots in the comment section down below.

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