What are the Cedar Mulch Pros and cons?

What Are The Cedar Mulch Pros And Cons?

Understanding the cedar mulch pros and cons is an added advantage for farmers who intend to use it for mulching purposes.

Cedar mulch is a natural product that adds beauty and charm to your garden. It comes from the waste material of the cedar tree. Cedar trees are majestic trees whose origin comes from the Himalayas and the Mediterranean basin.

These trees grow fast and straight making both the wood and mulch obtained renewable. The mulch is one of the favorites of many farmers due to its many benefits.

What Exactly Is Cedar Mulch?

Cedar mulch comes from shavings and clippings of the bark of the cedar trees. It is a by-product of the wood industry from these commonly sought trees. It is used by farmers to cover the gardens and keep the soil moist.

What exactly is Cedar Mulch

This mulch has an insect repellant effect on the soil that keeps insects away from your garden. The natural color for cedar mulch is reddish-brown. This mulch can be used in its natural state or dyed for aesthetic purposes. If dyed; it turns to black, dark brown, yellowish, or red. That makes it more decorative when used in flower beds and gardens.

What Are Cedar Mulch Pros And Cons?

Each type of mulch comes with its advantages and disadvantages. This makes a huge difference in your garden. Mulch has qualities and drawbacks that are obvious.

Cedar is well known for some outstanding qualities that are an added advantage to your garden. Here are some of those qualities.

Cedar Mulch Pros And Benefits

Is an insect repellant. This is one reason why most gardeners use it. Insects do not like the smell of cedar mulch so they stay away from it. That means they stay away from your garden too.

Lasts longer. Compared to other organic mulches like pine mulch, bark, and straw, it stays longer. Cedar mulch is known to last for years once you put it in your garden.

Has a beautiful natural color.  A warm reddish-brown hue is what you get or you choose to color it for an aesthetic purpose which is beautiful too.

Is generally a great ground cover. This is a key quality in choosing the type of mulch you want to use.

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Cedar Mulch Cons In Garden

Let’s be clear here, cedar mulch is not 100% perfect. It has its downsides and it’s best when you know them before you plan on using it.

Expensive: This mulch costs more than the average mulch.

Repels pollinators and beneficial insects. This is the flip side of the pest control quality of cedar mulch. It affects the ecosystem negatively! Don’t use it if you are planting fruit trees or want your plants to produce flowers.

Releases acetic acid which negatively affects your plants. This only occurs if the mulch has not received enough oxygen when it was stored after production.

Loses colorfast. If you chose it because it was attractive, note that the color will fade off fast.

Has a strong scent. Most people find it nice because it is natural while others find it unpleasant.


Cedar mulch pros and cons help you determine early enough what type of mulch to choose for your garden. Even with the consideration of the plants to grow!