How Fast Do Tilapia Grow

How Fast Do Tilapia Grow

If you’re wondering how fast tilapia grow, we will let you know in this article. Tilapia is one of the most widely farmed fish and you will enjoy raising tilapia be it for business, which is pretty lucrative, or for consumption.

Tilapia are fast-growing fish whether you decide to grow them in a tank, a pond, or a hapa. This is why they are one of the most loving fish to raise in aquaponics or fish culture. Let’s explore how fast tilapia fish grow and some requirements for tilapia fast growth rate. So, read on to find out.

Know-How Fast Tilapia Grow

Tilapia grow from hatchling to fingerlings, and then to the adult or harvesting stage. How fast tilapia grow from the hatchling stage to adult or harvest size can take 8 to 9 months or 240 days. However, the fingerlings to adult or harvest size stage can take up to 6 months or 26 weeks.

A bigger amount of time in these 240 days is spent in the hatchling period rather than the grow-out stage. Their fast growth rate is at the hatchling period as they gain more ounces in this stage, thereby giving them an accelerated growth. It is for this reason (fast growth rate) they are one of the best fish for aquaponics.

After 8 to 9 months or 240 days, the tilapia growth rate flattens. The rest of the tilapia life after this stage will only experience little growth per year. The growth rate can be as low as a few ounces per year.

How Long Does It Take For Tilapia To Grow Into Full Size

Tilapia fish will grow from hatchling to full size around 240 days. At the grown stage, the full size of your tilapia fish should be between 15 to 20 ounces or 450 to 565 grams.

Requirements For Fast Tilapia Growth Rate: Factors To Consider

You get the best growth rate for your tilapia if all growing requirements are met especially at their hatchling stage. Below are the recommended growth rate needed for your tilapia:

  • Clean Water and Dissolved Oxygen: clean or good water are some of the most important requirements for the growth of your tilapia fish. Dissolved oxygen increases the survival rate and also food intake so your tilapia can grow adequately. If you’re making use of a pond, atmospheric oxygen and photosynthesis will supply good oxygen for your tilapia to grow. However, if you’re making use of a tank, you will need to provide aeration to support your tilapia fish.

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  • Stocking Density: together with good aeration or dissolved oxygen, tilapia fish should be stocked in the right proportion. The fish stocking density should be proportionate to your tank or pond size. This way, there won’t be food or space competition. Failure to maintain the right stocking density can cause depreciation of growth as the fish will compete with space and food.
  • Food: Another requirement for tilapia growth rate is food. Tilapia can feed or survive on varieties of food. However, they are mostly fed with plant-based food as these are more beneficial and will encourage optimal growth. If you’re raising tilapia in a pond, you can feed them with algae. If you’re however raising them in a fish tank, feed them with plant-based food from any local store, or order some from Amazon.
  • Water Temperature: tilapia are warm water-loving fish. Therefore, you should ensure their water temperature is in the right range. With the right temperature, tilapia will metabolize adequately, thereby increasing their survival and growth rate. Maintain water temperature of 75 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. When the temperature drops below 50 degrees, metabolism slows down which causes survival and growth rate to diminish. Temperatures below 40 degrees will be fatal to your tilapia fish and they will most likely die.

Tilapia Breeds That Are Fast Growing

Among the various tilapia varieties we have, here are the fast-growing breeds you can find:

  • Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus).
  • Mozambique tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus).
Tilapia Breeds That Are Fast Growing


Tilapia is one of the most favorite fish to raise in aquaponics because of its rapid growth rate. The fastest-growing tilapia breeds are the Nile and Mozambique tilapia.

Tilapia experience the fastest growth rate around the hatchling period. Therefore, if you want to enjoy a faster or bigger growth rate, you should follow our recommended requirements mentioned above.

We do hope you have learned one or two things from this article. If you would like to learn more about tilapia, there are other related articles on tilapia for you to learn more.