A Deep Look Into Lucky Bamboo Meaning

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Last Updated on July 20, 2022

Lucky bamboo meaning will fascinate you so if you would like to know more about this continue reading for some insight on this.

In feng shui, there is this deep meaning to the plant of lucky bamboo. For instance, if you wish to usher in positive energy to your working space or where you reside, then caring for a bamboo plant can bring this good vibe.

If you want to gain better knowledge of the meaning of lucky bamboo, we are all about this in this post. Lucky bamboo meaning and symbolism have deep meaning so let’s take a deeper look at this.

Lucky Bamboo Meaning

Also known as dracaena or ribbon plant, lucky bamboo has some spiritual meaning and significance to it. For a long time, devoted feng shui and Chinese have used lucky bamboo to usher in peace and good fortune to their lives and homes. The plant can turn things around for you in a good way.

Feng shui culture explained that this lucky bamboo plant can be used to balance energies and bring people to peace with their environment. It is believed that this plant poses natural elements of fire, water, earth, wood, and metal which gears positive energy.

Lucky Bamboo Meaning

To gain a better understanding of the meaning of lucky bamboo, you should know that the number of stalks has some meaning to them. Let’s delve in by looking into the meaning of the number of stalks on lucky bamboo.

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Lucky Bamboo Meaning Related To Their Stalk Numbers

The number of lucky bamboo stalks you have on your plant signifies some things in feng shui. It is believed that the more stalk present in your planter, the greater the blessing of good fortune and luck.

1.    One Lucky Bamboo Stalk – Lucky Bamboo Meaning

When you have a single stalk on your lucky bamboo, it signifies a life full of prosperity. For this reason, it is one favorite plant for businesses to give as gifts, particularly to other companies. This is because it helps give that hope that keeps one’s business growing.

2.    Two Lucky Bamboo Stalk

When you have two lucky bamboo stalks, it represents an expression of love. For this reason, it is a favorite for new couples. Another meaning to two lucky bamboo stalks is double luck.

3.    Three Lucky Bamboo Stalk

Three is a lucky number for three lucky bamboo stalks and it attracts long life, happiness, and upliftment.

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4.    Four Lucky Bamboo Stalk

Four lucky bamboo stalks do not bring good vibes. In fact, it represents bad energy and the number is quite similar to death. Four lucky bamboo stalks are always avoided and are not welcomed anywhere around. Hence, it is not should not be given as a gift.

5.    5 Lucky Bamboo Stalk

This brings positive energy and good health to 5 crucial areas of your life: mental, physical, spiritual, intuitive, and emotional.

6.    6 Lucky Bamboo Stalk

Six lucky bamboo bring and represent good opportunities for greater wealth. The number 6 in the Chinese language sound like the word for luck. The multiple of three is six; therefore, it carries the same lucky energy and it is doubled.

7.    7 Lucky Bamboo Stalk

This is a powerful lucky number in feng shui and Chinese culture. It ushers in positive energy for all-round health of mind and body. The number stands for the 5 chi elements of feng shui plus yin and yang. So, this makes the number seven a powerful number in Chinese practice and feng shui.

Additionally, because this number stands for the balance of all aspects of chi energy, seven bamboo stalks can as well usher in harmony to any abode.

8.    8 Lucky Bamboo Stalk

8 just like in Chinese sound represents growth, prosperity, and thriving. It is also believed to enhance fertility.

9.    9 Lucky Bamboo Stalk

Nine triples the good luck associated with the tree because nine is the multiple of three. Therefore, this makes an excellent gift to friends and families.

10. 10 Lucky Bamboo Stalk

10 lucky bamboo stalk represents a perfect or complete life. Gifting a 10 lucky bamboo means the sender wishes to achieve and have everything in life just as you’ve envisioned and desired it.

11. 21 Lucky Bamboo Stalk

This lucky bamboo stalk number represents a powerful blessing of abundant health and wealth.

Lucky Bamboo And The 5 Elements Of Feng Shui

The arrangement of lucky bamboo used in feng shui usually signifies a combination of 5 elements. Each of these 5 elements has meanings and they are represented by:

  1. Wood: this element of feng shui is represented by the stalk of the lucky bamboo plant.
  2. Fire: if you have witnessed any lucky bamboo being wrapped with a red ribbon, then know that it represents the fire of the element of feng shui.
  3. Earth: the vase should also contain some earth elements such as rock or pebbles. Other smaller stones can as well be used.
  4. Water: lucky bamboo needs a nice growing medium. So, ensure you grow your lucky bamboo in a vase or pot filled with water. This water helps keeps the plant going.
  5. Metal: in case you use a non-metal container like glass, you need to represent a metal figure in the container. For instance, you can attach a small metal figure such as a metal coin to your lucky bamboo.
Lucky Bamboo And The 5 Elements Of Feng Shui

Bottom Line

Lucky bamboo meaning has been discussed in this post. Even though there isn’t a shortcut to hard work and success. But if you believe in these meanings to lucky bamboo, it can help you usher in positive energies to your environment. So, placing a lucky bamboo plant in your home or office can bring prosperity and good vibes to your space.


Where should I place lucky bamboo in my house?

You need to place lucky bamboo in strategic places in your house to attract the right vibes. So, place a lucky bamboo plant in the wealth corner of your home or office.

How many layers of bamboo means luck?

3 layers of lucky bamboo are believed to be the luckiest representation of this plant. These 3 layers of lucky bamboo usher in 3 types of luck for you and they are wealth, happiness, and long life.

Does lucky bamboo need sun?

A lucky bamboo plant needs only indirect sunlight. The plant only requires bright light and this can improve its longevity. So, don’t put your lucky bamboo plant in full, direct sunlight because this can harm the plant.

Why should I gift my bamboo plant?

Gifting luck bamboo plant to your friends and loved ones shows that you wish them well. It is believed that the plant ushers in good fortune and prosperity to any space.

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