Your Guide To Growing Shrubs: Golden Thread Cypress Tree

Last Updated on November 30, 2022

A golden thread cypress tree can make a great addition to your garden. They can grow from the size of a shrub to a large tree, and if you’re good at propagation, you can make many clones!

This shrub is very forgiving. While they take long to grow, they’re perfect for beginners. The gold thread cypress tree has yellowish needles that you can prune into your desired shape. 

In this article, I answer some common questions about the gold thread cypress and share how to best care for it. You’ll also read how I propagate this tree. 

How Fast Does A Gold Thread Cypress Grow?

A gold thread cypress tree takes an average of 10 years to grow 2 feet tall. While it can reach heights of up to 7 feet, the growing process is really slow. In rare cases, shrubs have grown up to 15 feet tall within 20 years. No matter how you look at it, this tree requires a lot of patience. 

How Do You Take Care Of A Gold Thread Cypress?

The gold thread cypress shrub could be a stunning addition to your garden if you keep it thriving. Taking care of it isn’t that difficult. Below we’ve compiled a guide to help you.

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Gold Thread Cypress Soil Needs

The gold mop shrub does well in many soils. Your tree can thrive whether the ground is clay, loam, or sand. However, some non-negotiables of the soil include its draining capabilities and pH levels. Gold thread cypress shrubs need soil that drains well but retains nutrients. The pH should also be slightly acidic

If you don’t have the ideal soil for this plant, add organic matter, compost, cocopeat, perlite, or mulch to yours and mix it well. 

Gold Thread Cypress Watering Needs

You should keep to a regular watering schedule for your gold thread cypress, especially while it’s small. Once your shrub matures, keep the soil around it moist, but avoid overwatering. 

Gold Thread Cypress Sunlight Needs

Your golden thread cypress will thrive in full sun, although some shade won’t harm it. You can plant it in a spot that receives shade in the morning. 

Without enough sun, your gold cypress shrub won’t have the golden glow it’s famous for. If you’re growing this tree indoors, ensure it receives at least 6 hours of bright indirect light. 

Gold Thread Cypress Temperature Needs

The golden thread cypress prefers warm weather. While they can withstand a little cold, keeping them in these conditions for prolonged periods will be detrimental. Your shrub can turn brown and even die. 

Gold Thread Cypress Pruning Needs

You should prune your gold thread cypress for better growth and protection from diseases and infections. Pruning will help your shrub sprout new branches and leaves. Since they grow so slowly, keeping up with this is vital if you want to see faster growth. 

Pruning your gold thread cypress will also help cut out infected parts. This can help your shrub stay healthy all year round. 

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Golden Thread Cypress Tree

How To Propagate Your Golden Thread Cypress Tree

If you can’t get enough of your gold shrubs, it might be wise to propagate more! Learning how to grow golden thread cypress trees from cutting can save you tons of money. Here’s how:

  1. Cut a branch from your cypress tree. It should measure at least 4 inches long. Keep the leaves attached and pull a side shoot away from the branch to create a heel cutting. 
  2. Wound your cutting with a razor blade to stimulate new growth. The cut should be deep enough to expose the cell layers between the bark. 
  3. Cut 1 1/2 inches of leaves from the bottom of your branch. 
  4. Fill your pot with soil and make a hole in the middle. Insert your cutting upright. 
  5. Water the newly planted branch well to encourage establishment. 
  6. Cover the pot and branch with a plastic bag to create a humid environment. This will help maintain an ideal temperature for root growth. It can take up to 3 months for this to happen. 
  7. Once healthy roots have been established, you can replant your cypress bush in your garden or into a slightly bigger pot. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Gold Thread Cypress

What Plants Make Excellent Companions For A Gold Thread Cypress?

The gold thread cypress pairs well with various plants. My favorite choices include the periwinkle, ultraviolet buddleia, alberta spruce tree, hart’s tongue, maidenhair, and san Jose juniper shrubs. 

Which Pests Target The Gold Thread Cypress?

While many insects like to feast on the golden thread shrub, the most common ones are aphids, bark beetles, bark moths, cypress tip miners, caterpillars, scales, and sawflies. If you catch and stop these infestations soon, you could retain your entire gold thread tree. 

Is The Golden Cypress Evergreen? – Golden Thread Cypress Tree

The golden cypress tree is an evergreen shrub. Like many other evergreen cypress trees, it has needle-like foliage that holds its color throughout the year. Your golden cypress will stay in hues of yellow and green throughout every season.

Is The Golden Cypress Evergreen

How Big Does A Dwarf Gold Thread Cypress Get?

The dwarf gold thread cypress tree will only grow about 4 feet tall. You won’t need to prune this variety as it won’t grow wide. You can plant your dwarf cypress directly in soil or allow it to fill a large pot. 

To Sum It Up – Golden Thread Cypress Tree

If the sun falls right, your cypress tree will boast a golden glow in your garden. This shrub looks stunning all year round and makes the perfect Christmas decoration. With simplistic care, your golden thread cypress tree will thrive in most conditions. When you’re ready to plant more, you can simply propagate branches from your existing shrub to create look-alikes. 

No matter which aesthetic you’re going for, you can prune your gold thread tree to fit it. This truly is a remarkable shrub!

I hope this article was helpful. If you have more questions about the golden thread cypress tree, ask them in the comments.