How Many Plants In A 3×3 Grow Tent

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Last Updated on June 26, 2021

If you’ve decided to grow your plants indoors and you’re wondering how many plants can fit in a 3×3 grow tent is, then this post is for you.

One of the first important points to put into account before commencing an indoor garden is space. If you’re using a room, figure out how much space you have and if you’re using a grow tent, figure out how many plants can be grown successfully in your grow space.

We will go through how many plants will fit a 3×3 grow tent size so you can plan your indoor garden set up appropriately. So continue reading to learn more on this.

How Many Plants To Fit In A 3×3 Grow Tent?

You can grow about 2 to 4 plants in a 3×3 grow tent size. However, the number of plants to be grown in a 3×3 grow tent will depend on how you train your plants.

How you train your plant will be one major determinant of how many plants can fit in a 3×3 grow tent. Training is done to control the height and shape of your plants so they can accommodate your grow tent. Training your plants will not only control your plant size but will also maximize the yield of your crops.

How Many Plants To Fit In A 3x3 Grow Tent

When & How To Train Your Plant To Fit In 3×3 Grow Tent

Let’s take a look at how and when you can train your plant so they can fit in your preferred grow tent size.

Low-Stress Training Method

One common way of training your plant is by the low-stress training method. It involves controlling and manipulating the shape of your plants for them to produce optimal yield. Low-stress training allows growers to make use of the available space and light adequately.

Mostly, low-stress training allows your plant to grow horizontally and wide rather than vertically. It involves lowering a plant’s height at the same time producing multiple stems to maximize yield.

A horizontal trellis net is usually used to control and guide the plant through the direction of the plant to follow as they grow. The trellis net is tied to each grow tent pole which allows the plants to grow horizontal and wide. You can also gently bend or tie down the ranch of your plant stem and branch with a soft rope so they grow outwards.

GROWNEER Flexible Net Trellis for Grow Tents

Training should be done in your plants’ vegetative stage. This is because at this stage your plant is still growing and producing more leaves. When your plants get to the flowering stage or they become established, it will be difficult to manipulate their growth direction. If you plan on making use of this method in your 3×3 grow tent, then you can grow up to 4 plants in a 3×3 grow tent.

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Training By Pruning Method

Another method of training your plant is by pruning or pinching. This method actually puts some stress on your plant because you have to make some cuttings.

Pruning involves cutting some parts of the plants as they grow. This is done to change the growth pattern. This process also gives rise to optimal yield. You can grow about 2 plants in a 3×3 grow tent using the pruning training method.

Sea Of Green Method

The next method of training your plants to fit in your grow tent is the sea of green method.  This method involves pushing the plants to enter into their flowering stage ahead of their scheduled time. So, this is done by altering the lightning duration to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness.

This is done so you can get early flowering, thus yielding to early harvesting. Therefore, this allows you to grow more plants or flowers per year. With the sea of green training method, you can grow about 5 to 7 plants in a 3×3 grow tent size.

Sea Of Green Method

Screen Of Green Method

The fourth and last training method we will be discussing is the screen of the green method. This method takes the steps of low-stress plant training. This also makes use of the net trellis by pushing the plants’ direction horizontally rather than vertically. With the screen of the green training method, you can plant about 2 plants in a 3×3 grow tent.

How Many Plants in a 3×3 Tent Final Thoughts

We have shown that how many plants you can fit in a 3×3 grow tent size will majorly depend on how you train your plants as they grow.

So, we hope this information has helped you know how to plan and manage space.

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