MarsHydro Led Grow Light

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Last Updated on January 19, 2023

When setting up your indoor hydroponics garden, part of the process is choosing an effective grow light. LED light is one option to choose and there are different brands from various companies to purchase. If you decide to go for LED lights you can choose the MarsHydro LED grow light for your indoor growing needs.

Even though many LED light options are available in the market to choose from with different awesome attributes such as technical specifications, pricing, etc, deciding the right pick may be confusing. But if you end up choosing the MarsHydro LED to grow lights, you can be sure of an effective result for your indoor garden.

Some Info On Mars Hydro LED Grow Lights

MarsHydro LED grow light is a type of LED light for indoor gardening which is made by a Chinese manufacturer. This company has been gradually embraced among indoor gardeners as they offer quality LED lights to indoor plants.

These grow lights are affordable and easily accessible and this light is an excellent option for beginners. Also, the MarsHydro LED grow light is pretty adequate for both hobbyist growers and low-cost growers.

These lights are of good quality especially the MarsHydro 300W which performs distinctively from its older version. The older version has issues with burnt diodes and this has been solved with the newer version.

You can easily purchase them from the hydroponic store section, Amazon, and other reliable websites.

Benefits Of Using Mars-Hydro LED Grow Light

The MarsHydro LED grow light offers an impressive benefit which includes:

  • MarsHydro LED Offers a Full Spectrum: if you want to supply your plant with a full spectrum, then you should get your hands on the marsHydro LED grow lights. It offers full spectrum options for the vegetative stage, flowering stage, and fruiting stage. Thus, leafy greens or herbs, vegetables, fruits, and so on can be grow using this grow light.
  • It is Affordable and Accessible: another impressive benefit is its price offer as it is reasonably affordable and it’s easily accessible.
  • The Heat is in Moderation: the MarsHydro LED light does not produce too much heat. It has fans to disperse the heat emitted adequately to every part of the plants.
  • Durability: the grow light is pretty durable with a lifespan of around 50,000 hours. This means this grow light can last over 2,700 days if used 18 hours per day.
  • Warranty: there is also the benefit of a 3-year warranty. So, if there’s an issue of initial grow light failure you can be sure of warranty protection against that.

Any Downsides From Using MarsHydro LED Grow Light?

With the different benefits MarsHydro LED offers, we still notice a few downsides. Let’s take a look at them:

  • No Dimmer Switch: some of the brands that grow light lacks the switch options of light dimming. However, we believe it’s something you can work your way around. If the light is too bright, you can make use of protective wear for your eyes.
  • Absent of On/Off Switch: another downside of the MarsHydro grow light is that it lacks an on and off switch. You will always have to plug and unplug the grow light when making use of it.
  • Communication Gap: while this might not be much big of a deal, you may still have the communication gap of America-China a few times. However, they are getting better and one can’t resist the accessible, affordable, and nice quality of grow light they offer.

Even with all these downsides, the overall importance is the good light quality this grow light offers to your indoor plants. So, it is definitely worth the purchase.

Plants To Grow With Mars LED

The great thing about MarsHydro LED grow light is that it offers a full light spectrum. Thus, most varieties of plants can be grown easily with this grow light and you get a tasty and bountiful yield.

Plants To Grow With Mars LED

Here are some examples of plants you can grow with the MarsHydro LED grow lights:

  • Peppers
  • Cucumbers
  • Tomatoes
  • Lettuce
  • Strawberries
  • Spinach
  • Melons and so on

Some Recommended MarsHydro LED Grow Light

Let’s take a look at MarsHydro to grow light you can go for:

1.    MarsHydro LED Grow Light 300W Full Spectrum for Hydroponic Indoor Plants

The MarsHydro LED 300W full spectrum is one of the MarsHydro brands you can go for to supply your indoor plants with lights. It is energy-saving as it only pulls in about 120W and it’s ideal for a coverage area of 2ft by 2ft or 4 square feet.

It offers full-spectrum, thus, it’s ideal for vegetative and flowering phases. This grow light is safe to use on plants and we recommend positioning the grow light about 18 inches from your plants.

2.    MarsHydro Led Growing Lamps 600W Updated Led Grow Lights Full Spectrum

This grows light is a 600W full spectrum ideal for the vegetative and flowering phase of your plants. It is energy-saving and will only pull 132W of electricity. It is perfect for a 3ft X 3.5ft coverage area.

3.    MARS HYDRO TS 3000W LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants 4×4 5×5 ft Commercial Grow Lighting

This is one of the most recent MarsHydro grows lights for indoor plants. It’s been improved to have a dimmable full light spectrum for all your plant stages. It is ideal for commercial purposes. This grows light can cover a growing area of 5ft X 5ft vegetative stage and 4ft X 4ft bloom stage.

It mimics the work done by sunlight and your plants will transition quickly from seed to flowering stage. Your grow life will be made comfortable as it is noise-free and easy to operate.


How many plants can a Mars Hydro TS 600 grow light?

Many people are interested in growing hydroponics, but aren’t sure how many plants the Mars Hydro TS 600 grow light can support. This is important to know before you start growing hydroponically. If you are using a soil-based system, your plant count will be determined by the size of the container you use and how much soil is inside it. If you are growing in a tray, you have a different set of considerations.

The Mars Hydro TS 600 is a medium output LED grow light that uses LED strips to create a high-quality, high-efficiency light source. It has a 4” x 24” footprint and can produce up to 7500 lumens. The unit is designed for indoor use only. While there are a number of factors that will affect the amount of light you get from a grow light, the most important is the power setting. A higher power setting will mean more lumens and therefore more light in your growing area.

The Mars Hydro TS 600 has a default power setting of 35 watts.

When you are ready to start adding more plants, you can increase the power setting by increments of 5 watts until you reach your desired output. For example, if you want to grow 6 plants with the Mars Hydro TS 600, you would start by setting the power setting to 40 watts and then increase it by 5 watts every time you add a new plant. Once you have all six plants, you can lower the power setting back down to 35 watts for the last plant and enjoy the rest of your growing season.

The Mars Hydro TS 600 also has a maximum power setting of 60 watts. At this setting, you will get a lot of light, but you may be able to burn out your plants. You should always start by using the lowest power setting that you are comfortable with and then increase it as your plants grow. If you are having issues with light burnout, try increasing the power setting by 5 watts at a time until you find the right balance for you. The Mars Hydro TS 600 is an excellent grow light for indoor cannabis growers. It is designed for indoor use only and can produce up to 7500 lumens. It can be used in any orientation and can even be mounted on a ceiling.

How far should Mars Hydro light be from plants?

It really varies on the type of environment that we're talking about, but as a general rule of thumb two feet should be fine.

Is the HydroLED+ brighter than the HydroFLOWER?

It is a much better investment. I have used the HydroLED+ for a couple of weeks, and it is an amazing light. It is more than 50% brighter than the HydroFLOWER. It is also cheaper. However, after using it for a week, the HydroLED+ was no longer available. The reason that it is not available anymore, is because they are too popular. The HydroLED+ sells out every day! So if you want to buy one, get one as soon as possible.

How many watts is a Mars Hydro TS 1000?

If the hydro is in an air conditioned environment, and the fan is set to blow at about 12 CFM, then you can expect a few hundred watts. I would check the power consumption on the unit itself, not on the inverter.

Final Say

We can see the MarsHydro LED grow light is one of the best budgets friendly lights you can go for. MarsHydro has been dedicated to supplying your plants’ professional LED grow light with minimal heat and little noise. It can also be used on all types of plants.

Depending on the size of your indoor garden, you can use this quality grow light if you’re a newbie, have small gardens, or you just experimenting.  There are also brands available for large rooms or commercial setup.

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