How To Keep Grow Tent Cool

How To Keep Grow Tent Cool

One common issue indoor growers wrestle with heats. Ensuring your grow tents remain cool is of great importance so your plants can successfully make it to harvest time. So, we will be giving you the best tips on how to keep your grow tent cool.

Fortunately, there are various things you can do to manage heat and ensure your grow tent is kept cool. So, by the end of this article, you should be able to know how to maintain a cool grow tent for the optimal growth of your plant.

Tips On Cooling Down Grow Tent

It is essential you keep your grow tent cool and prevent building up excess heat. Too much heat can cause your plant to burn or even damage some of your growing equipment.

Depending on the extent of heat you’re managing or the size of grow tent you have, you may require one or several methods to keep your grow tent cool. Therefore, ensure you take into account the extent of heat you’re handling to know the approach to take in solving the situation.

However, even if the heat issue you have is not so big, we recommend you integrate more than one method for effective results.

So, below are some of the best tips on how to keep your grow tent cool:

1.    Use an air conditioner

One easy and fast way to cool your grow tent is to use an air conditioner. If you’re using a small tent, you can use one small air conditioner. It can be placed outside, close to your small grow tent in the same room you placed your tent. However, if you’re using a bigger tent, you will require a bigger air conditioner.

The only downside to this is that an air conditioner may cost you more electricity usage especially if you’re growing on a large scale. But all in all, using an air conditioner to cool your grow tent is one of the best and effective methods you can go for.

2.    Inline and exhaust fans

Another great method of cooling grow room tent is by making use of the combination of inline and exhaust fans. This will cycle in and out of the air in your tent. These fans work by bringing in fresh air into the grow tent and this is done by an inline fan. While the exhaust fan moves the inside air, which is usually hot, outside the grow tent.

3.    Change your grow light to LED

If you continue to have heat problems in your grow tent, you may want to check the type of grow light you’re using. Some grow lights such as household CFL, HID, HPS, etc, produce more heat. Switching to grow light that will produce heat lesser heat (such as LED, fluorescent grow light, etc) may be required.

These grow lights will even save you less energy as they consume lesser power and they are more effective for growing plants.

However, if you plan to stick with other types of grow light that emits more heat, you will have to put in extra work to manage the excess heat.

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4.    Use oscillating fans

Ensure you set up fans inside your grow tent. If you’re using a small tent one or two portable oscillating fans are enough. If you however have a bigger tent, you will require several oscillating fans to cool down your grow tents.

As you’re planning to purchase your grow light, always add fans to these plans. The wattage of your grow light will determine how many fans to use. Higher grow light wattage will require more fans and vice versa.

5.    Proper ventilation of tents

Generally, your grow tent should have proper ventilation such as inlet and outlet vents. Not just that, your grow tent should also have regular vents which may have layers of mesh covering that allow airflow. The combination of inlet and exhaust fans with these vents makes it more effective.

6.    Proper ventilation for grow lights

Grow light with proper vent allows cool air to be passed across the grow light during operation. We recommend you always go for grow light that has vents on all sides. Set up the necessary fans towards your grow light vent to allow the passage of cool air across the grow light.

Final Thoughts On How To Cool Grow Tent

With that said, we do hope you have learned some tips on how to keep your grow tent cool. Remember, for an effective result; ensure you go for more than one option or technique we listed above.