How Much Is A Hydroponic System

How Much Is A Hydroponic System

How much a hydroponic system cost varies and will solely depend according to your preference. A hydroponic system can be cost-effective or require more if you put some things into consideration. However, you should know it will require an initial investment to get it up and running.

Hydroponic farming involves the use of a soilless technique to grow plants and it makes use of a nutrient-filled solution for plants’ development. It is pretty easy to venture into with the right knowledge.

Either you’re into hydroponic farming for business or a hobby; we will give you an idea of how much a hydroponic system cost.

A Cost-Effective Hydroponic System

You can get a hydroponics system for a very reasonable price because there are various types of hydroponics systems to choose from.

Even with the cost-effective type, you can rest assured of enjoying amazing yield. Again, this cost-effective type of hydroponic does not limit you from growing just a few plants. You can grow as many plants as you can at a time with this moderate hydroponics budget like the compact NFT system.

However, if you invest more money into hydroponics (about $250 to $500) it will offer you extra features and greater designs. It will also allow you to grow more plants and result in abundant yield.

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Figuring Out How Much A Hydroponic System Will Cost

A logic we recommend to knowing how much a hydroponics system will cost is to know the components involved with the system.

You will be better off purchasing a complete hydroponic system rather than sourcing for the various parts as in DIY. Here are the components of a complete hydroponic garden:

  • A hydroponics system.
  • Hydroponic nutrient-filled solutions.
  • Inert media.
  • Light source.
  • Air pump and air stone.

Types Of Hydroponics Systems

  1. Nutrient film techniques.
  2. Aeroponics.
  3. Deepwater Culture (reservoir method).
  4. Ebb and flow (flood and drain).
  5. Wicking.
  6. Drip system.

There is also passive hydroponics known as the Kratky method. We can say this is the cheapest type of hydroponics system. It only requires some basic hydroponic components, a container reservoir, and a cover lid opening for plants.

Types Of Hydroponics Systems

Types Of Hydroponics Systems According To Cost

Let’s distinguish the types of hydroponic system standard according to their cost:

  1. High Standard: this type of hydroponics system is of high standard technology that features a complete system control. Commercial growers that seek a high yield of crops for profit usually go for this type. This high-standard technology hydroponic system can cost tens of dollars in thousands. An example is the vertical farming hydroponic system.
  2. Semi-high Standard: this type of hydroponic system is also of standard technology. They are made of quality technology such as water flow control. It also comes with grow light and it has more features. This type of system is used both indoors and outdoors. The cost for this type of hydroponics system is around $350 to $1000.
  3. Moderate Quality/ Standard: this type of is of moderate technology. They are budget-friendly and can be obtained either as a unit or DIY. The cost is about $50 to $200 for both the unit and DIY construction.

Other Cost To Consider

There are additional things you should also consider when it comes to knowing how much a hydroponic system cost. There might be some additional materials you may need to purchase even with your complete hydroponic system.

For a DIY construction, there will always be arising needs or expenses. You may need to invest in nutrient solutions, grow medium, grow light, etc.

Other Cost To Consider - Hydroponic System

However, already built hydroponics may also require extra. For instance, already made hydroponics may still require you to purchase a pH meter, grow medium, grow light, or even nutrient solutions. Just a grow light might cost $15 to $20.

  • Space: another factor to consider is space, ensure you have space for your hydroponic system. If not, that’s an extra and you might need to purchase or rent a farm space. You will have to decide if your space is for a horizontal or vertical system. However, space will solely depend on if you’re considering large-scale hydroponics farming.
  • Size: the size of your hydroponics system will also determine how much a hydroponics system will cost. A smaller hydroponics system used for a hobby will be less expensive. However, if you’re thinking of a higher yield, a larger hydroponics system will be required and it will be pretty expensive.

Therefore, it’s crucial you consider all these factors so you can accurately sum up how much it will cost to build a complete hydroponics system.