How Much Sun Do Artichokes Need: Helpful Guidelines

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Last Updated on October 30, 2022

How much sun do you think artichokes really need to flourish? Sunlight is of paramount importance for most living things to survive, be it plant or animals. The sunlight required may however vary from one plant to another.

Have you ever wondered how much sun do artichokes need for survival and flourishing? Have you ever been confused on how best to take care of artichokes plants?

This article gives a brief analysis of the amount of sunlight required by artichokes for survival and sustenance. The best environment to grow these plants to achieve the best result is also discussed.

Sunlight, whether too much or too little can adversely affect the growth of artichokes. These tips stated here should give you the guidance needed to cultivate and groom a great artichoke plant.

About Artichoke Plant

The artichoke plant is a food-giving plant. The plant is loaded with amazing nutrient benefits and it’s a great way to obtain vitamins. The artichokes thrive especially in places with plenty of moisture, cool summer, and great sunlight.

Apart from being a very great vegetable, the plant also serves as a nice plant to grow in a garden for aesthetic pleasures. The plant is also considered to have serious medicinal effects.

About Artichoke Plant

Types of Artichoke Plants

There are many varieties of the artichoke plant. This allows you to choose from a wide variety for your garden. The very common varieties include:

  • Green Globe Artichoke: this artichoke variety is one of the most common types. It is characterized by its wide, deep green buds with a light purple tinge.
  • Big Heart Artichoke; this variety has no thorns on the stem. It is therefore pretty easy to handle. This variety can withstand both tough and easy weather conditions. The ability to reach almost 6 inches in size is another distinct attribute of this variety.

Other types include Baby Anzio Artichoke, Castel Artichoke, Fiesole Artichoke, Jerusalem Artichoke, Chianti Artichoke, and so on.

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Guidelines To Growing Artichoke Plant And Sunlight Requirements 

Let’s look into guidelines for properly growing artichoke plants.  We will also look into how much sun artichokes do need and artichoke plant care.

For a person interested in growing the artichoke plant, it is imperative to put the following into consideration:

  • Soil: The best type of soil to plant artichokes is one that is highly protected by permeable soil. Where the plant is grown on soil that does not hold enough water, there is a high probability of the plant failing to blossom.

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  • Sunlight Requirements: While the plant requires sufficient sunlight to survive, care must be taken to ensure that the sunlight provided is not too much or too meager. At the end of this guide, the right proportion of sunlight required will be understood.
  • Time For Planting: Between April – June seems to be the best time to plant artichoke. Where the plant is cultivated within this time frame,
  • Sufficient Spacing: The plant requires enough space to survive and grow freely. 1m spacing is recommended when planting artichokes. It is best to plant first in a bed before bringing the plant to the garden.
  • Trim The Plant From Time To Time: Trimming your artichoke is a good way of caring for the plant. Trimming is usually very easy to do with the right knowledge. When trimming, care should be taken to trim off the top third of the bud. Where you want the plant to sit flat, then ensure to trim off the stem. Also after trimming, ensure to keep the trimmed artichoke in a bowl of water mixed with lemon to keep it fresh.

More Things To Note On How Much Sun To Grow Artichokes

Sunlight is a key ingredient for life, both in plants and animals. The question on how much sun artichokes need to survive is one that must be considered before getting into the cultivation of the plant.

The following should be noted on how much sun artichokes plant need:

  • The plant requires full sun to blossom. As such, it must not be planted underneath or close to a tree that will have shade over it.
  • Artichokes require a lot of space to grow and spread. This means that they should be planted in a way that they can spread out and the sun can touch all of them at a go. If they are too close, some will not grow well, while the others will die.
More Things To Note On How Much Sun Artichokes Need
  • While the plant requires a lot of sunlight, it also requires a good amount of water. As such, sufficient water should be provided to it during the summer. If this is not done, the roots may dry off and suffer from too much heat.
  • Artichokes should be planted on soil that can retain water. Since the plant requires a good amount of sunlight to thrive, it should be cultivated on soil that can hold enough water.
  • Apply sufficient fertilizer to the plant. Especially when the plant is within its first two months after sprouting. Vegetable plant manure should be applied from time to time on the plant to improve its growth.

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Health Benefit of Growing Artichokes

The health benefit that accrues to a person who cultivates and eat this plant are numerous. Below are some of the benefits of the plant:

  • The plant is a very good source of Vitamin C and dietary fiber.
  • It contains a silymarin compound which is very good for the liver.
  • The plant also contains cynarin compound in its leaves which is great for boosting overall health.
  • Consuming the plant helps a great deal in lowering the blood fat levels and also helps increase bile production in the liver.


What is the best climate for growing artichokes?

Artichokes are a member of the sunflower family, and like all members of the family, they love heat. They thrive in temperatures from 60 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit, with average temperatures of 70-80 degrees being ideal. The key to growing artichokes is to keep them at a high temperature for a long period of time. The heat causes the leaves to grow upward, causing them to blossom and then produce more leaves.

This means that if you let them sit outside during this process, you will have to remove the old leaves.

How much sun do they need?

Artichokes like to be in full sun, but not too much. They don’t like to get too hot. I recommend planting in spring or fall because it takes a long time for them to mature. If you plant them in the summer, they won’t have enough time to mature.

What’s the best soil for them?

Artichokes require fertile soil, which means they’ll do better in well-drained, rich, humus-rich soil.

How many artichokes do you get per plant?

We get about 15-20 baby artichokes per plant.

Are artichokes cold hardy?

Artichokes are a hardy plant and they can live pretty far up north.

They can be grown successfully in the garden and then brought inside for winter. I've heard of people bringing them into their basement for a few months, but they need to be kept below 32 degrees F. I'd recommend you grow some from seed in your garden next year, if you have room, and bring them into your house when you get them.

Are they closely related to other well known plants?

Artichokes are a member of the sunflower family (Asteraceae). They are grown for their delicious edible buds, which are harvested when they are immature.

When should I start my artichoke seeds?

If you grow them in your garden, you will get an early crop in the spring.

If you plant them indoors you can start them 10 weeks before the first frost date.

You can also plant them in containers. In that case, you need to buy the seeds at the beginning of the year. You can use the same ones every year.

How long do they take to grow?

I know there is a general rule of thumb that says you should let them grow for at least 4 months before harvesting

How many stalks can I expect?

When this plant reaches maturity it can produce more than 10 stalks in a single season.

Final Note On How Much Sun Artichokes Need

The artichoke plant is a plant that requires the full sun to blossom. It must be planted on good soil with the ability to hold water. Clay soils are not the best for this plant.

Also, sufficient space must be given between the plants as it is likely to spread when it grows out. When next you are considering a plant for your garden, give artichokes some serious consideration.

The benefits of planting this plant are too numerous not to be considered. And when you plant the artichokes, do makes sure to consider this guide on how much sun artichokes need.

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