Tomato Plant Spacing Raised Bed – Spacing Requirement

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Last Updated on October 30, 2022

Growing tomato plant, particularly in a raised bed garden is a great idea and it is a very easy and straightforward process. Just ensure you give the tomato in your raised bed based on the proper spacing and offer the tomato plant with other essential growing conditions.

Planting tomatoes in a raised bed comes with lots of benefits. You enjoy benefits such as less digging, less problem of weeds, almost no soil issues, and many more. You also get to have some control over your plants when you grow them in a raised bed.

However, growing tomatoes in a raised bed you need to consider the appropriate spacing so your plan can grow optimally. This is why we will be looking into tomato plant spacing requirements in a raised bed garden.

Tomato Spacing In Raised Bed

So when it comes to growing the tomato in a raised bed garden, spacing is one important factor to put in mind.

Generally, planting tomatoes in a normal or traditional garden requires a spacing of 2 feet apart. So, the tomato plant usually requires more spacing in the traditional garden.

A raised garden bed on the other hand tends to be more compact. But the tomatoes plants can be grown more closely. But for the fact that raised bed is a little limited does not mean you should pack it together with your tomatoes plant.

Tomato Spacing In Raised Bed

So, when it comes to the tomato plant spacing in a raised bed, each tomato requires a minimum of 1 square foot per tomato plant for the plant to flourish.

We recommend you support your raised bed tomato plant with a trellis or tomato cage. This will encourage the tomato plant to grow in a vertical manner.

Supplying your raised tomato bed with excellent and rich soil can also allow or accommodate for closer planting.

Additionally, when you are going for a raised bed garden for your plant, the number of plants you will be growing should be taken into consideration. Then from here, you can go ahead to prepare the raised bed dimension.

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How Far Apart To Plant Tomatoes In A Raised Bed?

So how far apart should your tomato plant be spaced in a raised bed? The required distance to plant your tomato in a raised garden bed is at least 1 square foot apart. This is the required distance between each tomato plant and this will encourage optimal growth of your plant.

However, you there is still some room, you can add a bit more space so you can work in some support such as a trellis. When you do this, it will train your tomato plant to continue growing as the vine gets bulky or heavier.

When setting up your raised bed garden, remember to plan your garden according to how many tomato plants you wish to grow. However, if you already have a raised bed garden, you can just calculate how much space will be needed for each tomato plant.

The whole bed can be just tomato plants if you wish. You can as well simply divide the raised bed into smaller parts or sections. Then include your tomato in one section and other vegetables and plants should be assigned to other sections.

Just measure out a square foot each for each plant to calculate the number of plants you can grow in your raised bed.

Raised Bed Spacing Based On The Type Of Tomato Plant

The spacing requirement on your raised bed garden will also depend on the type of tomato variety you will be growing.

  • For the bushy tomato which is also known as determinate tomato variety, the distance between each tomato plant should be about two feet apart. Bush variety requires a bit more spacing as the plant tends to spread out in a busy manner.
  • For the vining tomato variety which is also known as indeterminate tomato, the distance between each tomato plant should be about 18 to 24 inches. The vining tomato variety may be grown a bit closer as they tend to grow in a vining manner.

Also, the distance between rows should be at least 3 feet.

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Other Growing Requirement For Tomato Plant

Spacing shouldn’t be the only growth requirement for your raised bed tomato plant. You should also consider other growing requirements for your tomato plant by providing them with the best soil conditions.

First, ensure you are using only the right type of soil. Give your tomato plant the best soil conditions to grow optimally and remain healthy.

Tomato plants flourish well in soil conditions that are slightly acidic. Ensure you test your soil to get the right range of pH. The appropriate pH range should be around 6 to 7 for your tomato to do well.

The addition of some organic matter is also a great idea to assist your tomato plant is doing well. Tomatoes are relatively heavy feeders that are capable of consuming a lot of nutrients from the ground. This is so they can grow strong and robust.

Furthermore, tomatoes should also be grown in warm soil temperatures as they are considered to be warm-loving plants. Once you’ve followed all the required growing conditions to grow your tomato in a raised bed, you can enjoy a successful outcome.

Your tomato plant should be ready in about 50 days. However, it can also take as much as 90 days to be ready for harvest.

Other Growing Requirement For Tomato Plant


How much space should be between tomato plants in raised beds?

If you don't want them to grow into each other, space them at least 2 inches apart. If they are going to grow into each other, space them 1/2" apart. You can always move them if you want to. I think that's a good idea to space them at least two inches apart. This way you can have a little extra room for the plants to grow, but you'll still be able to easily harvest them.

 I usually space plants at least 4" apart, and then I make sure to give them plenty of room to grow. If there are no weeds in the garden, they will be just fine with a little extra room. There are some other posts that discuss how to plant tomatoes. I would suggest reading through those posts, as well as reading the post about how to water tomatoes. 

Does the type of tomato matter when it comes to spacing them?

When starting a tomato plant from seed, the spacing between the plants will depend on the type of tomato plant you are growing. There are two types of tomatoes; determinate and indeterminate. In this article we will discuss what the spacing between determinate and indeterminate tomato plants should be. The type of tomato plant you grow will also affect the spacing between the raised beds in your garden.

What is the difference between determinate and indeterminate tomato plants? There are two types of tomatoes that can be grown. Determinate tomatoes produce a single flower at a time. Indeterminate tomatoes will produce flowers all at once. These are the two main types of tomato plants and they will need different spacing. Determinate tomato plants have a short life span and require more space than an indeterminate tomato plant. This means that you need to space them further apart. Indeterminate tomato plants grow longer than determinate tomatoes. This means that you can get away with less space between the plants. In most cases, you will only want to grow one type of tomato plant in your garden. How to grow determinate tomato plants When starting a determinate tomato plant from seed, it is important to space them further apart. You will want to space them at least 2 feet apart. You can use tomato cages to support them.

What’s the right type of soil for tomatoes in raised beds?

There are different types of soils for different purposes. Raised beds are not made of soil; they are made of soil-like materials.

The most common ones are gravel, brick, concrete blocks, wood planks or railroad ties. But they can also be made from other materials such as wood, plastic, stone, etc. Whatever you use, you will need to amend your bed with compost and/or manure.

How do you make the best soil for tomatoes in raised beds?

Whatever you use, you will need to amend your bed with compost and/or manure.

The most common are composted manures (manure-based). A typical recipe would be 2 parts composted manure to 1 part composted manures. You can make your own compost or buy it pre-made. I prefer to make my own compost, but if you do not have time to do so, you can purchase compost that has already been made by your local garden center.

Final Say

The seedlings, young plants, as well as grown plants of tomato, love warm soil temperatures. So, because tomato plants love heat and will thrive beautifully in warm weather, raised bed tends to be more useful in this aspect.

The soil that is raised is more inclined to get warm quicker. Therefore, this will give the tomato plant a better head start.

But when it comes to growing tomatoes in a raised bed, spacing is very important for the plant to flourish. Spacing your tomatoes plants appropriately will encourage good growth and prevent the intertwining of plants.

Spacing also gives adequate space for root growth and proper airflow between the tomato plants. This also helps prevent the spread of diseases.

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